She tends it like a good mother, May musing

I bought a “new to me” lens yesterday – Tamron 4.0-5.5 SP 70-300mm, light weight macro and fore into telephoto capabilities. When I made the switch to Nikon, I had to give up my Canon lenses. So we’ve been slowly putting a “ready for anything” photo essayist kit together. I was very excited to try it out! I asked my friend if I could photograph her garden. Flowers, interesting yard art and bountiful colors run through their property. She plants what she loves.

The funny thing is she told me she didn’t think what they did was all that special, but the raw, unfiltered, untouched beauty was amazing!

The day was a little overcast, but it made the colors pop!

She tends it, gently directs it when it needs it, let’s it grow and adds a sense of whimsy. My friend is a good Gardner and a great mother.

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